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We supply Saskatoon berry plants to commercial orchardists in Canada and the US. We offer a cloned product produced from rooted cuttings that are consistent and uniform during plant growth and ripening that ensures a superior plant for the serious grower.

About saskatoon berries

Saskatoon berries (June berries) are the new “purple super fruit” that are rivaling blueberries due to their antioxidant and nutritious qualities. These qualities are making the fruit rise in popularity with consumers which, as a result, makes the plant a perfect addition to your new or existing orchard.

Why blue sky berries?

Saskatoon berries are the perfect addition to your orchard, here’s why:

Varieties we grow

We supply wholesale bushes to orchard owners. Whether you’re just starting out or diversifying your orchard.


JB30 is one of the more recent cultivars to be introduced commercially, and it has burst onto the horticultural market after years as a best kept secret. JB30 is a selection collected 30 years ago from the North Saskatchewan River Valley by Jarvis Blushke of Langham, Saskatchewan, where one of the first neighbourhood U-pick operations for Saskatoon berries had been established. Subsequently, the Native Fruit Development Program of the University of Saskatchewan, under Richard St-Pierre, compared 15 mature cultivators at 2 sites over a 5-year period. The study evaluated yield, fruit size, ripening (evenness and date) and shoot extension. JB30 tops in shoot extension. The cultivators with high yield and large fruit size: JB30, Thiessen and Martin. Upon completion of the study, JB30 was recommended for commercial propagation.

About: This variety of Saskatoon Berry blooms in the spring and its yield is high and constant, with fruit that ripen evenly on the cluster.

Size: 4m high and 5m wide.

Berry Size: Large (17mm)

Season: Early flowering and ripening.



About: This variety exhibits an excellent, fresh and juicy flavour and is a suitable choice for U-Pick orchards due to it’s extended ripening characteristics.

Size: 4.5m high and wide.

Berry Size: Large (15mm).

Season: Early flowering and ripening.



About: The Martin variety is a seedling of Thiessen which has more uniform fruit ripening.

Size: 3m high and wide.

Berry Size: Large (14mm).

Season: Normal flowering and ripening.



About:The Smoky Saskatoon berry plant is the oldest cultivar that has sweet-tasting, purplish-blue berries. The berries are can be eaten fresh or used in recipes.

Size: 4.5m high and wide.

Berry Size: Large (14mm).

Season: Late spring flowering, early summer ripening.



About: The Northline is an upright shrub, and suckers are profuse. It produces a heavy yield at an earlier age than other cutivars. Produces large, delicious berries.

Size: 4m high and 6m wide.

Berry Size: Large (16mm).

Season: Late spring flowering and ripening.


Blue Sky Farm


We have been producing Saskatoon berry plants for over 30 years on a farm northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our orchard is dedicated to propagating Saskatoon berry plants with the addition of a small U-Pick area for the general public.

The Blue Sky Berry Farm has 15 acres of land which contains 15,000 saskatoon plants that produces 40,000 rooted cuttings annually.

The Saskatoon berry is a very hardy fruit that grows well in a wide range of soils, but to get optimum results keep in mind these growing factors:

  • Saskatoon berry plants thrive and grow best in sandy loam soil.
  • The plants do not tolerate saturated soil and will have stunted growth in these conditions.
  • Requires a climate with a freezing period to have proper fruit set.


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